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Automatic solid phase extraction device


Solid phase extraction (SPE, Solid Phase Extraction) is to use the poor ability of the analyte to be adsorbed in different media to purify the target substance, effectively separate the target substance from the interfering components, and greatly enhance the detection of analytes, especially trace analytes. The detection ability improves the recovery rate of the tested samples. Since its introduction in the late 1970s, SPE technology has developed rapidly and is widely used in the fields of environment, pharmaceuticals, clinical medicine, and food. Its basic working principle is shown in the following figure:


①Sample ②Pre-rinse ③Load ④Wash ⑤Elute


The SPE-10A automatic solid-phase extraction device launched by Zhongshi Walker completely follows the working principle of solid-phase extraction, and can process up to 6-12 samples at the same time. During the entire sample processing process, the device uses a high-power, high-precision stepper motor to precisely control the flow rate of the small column with an accuracy of 0.1ml/min. Therefore, it fundamentally overcomes the traditional manual solid phase extraction device (negative pressure or positive pressure). Due to the influence of the resistance (pressure) difference between different small columns, the flow rate between columns varies greatly, and the flow rate of a single small column cannot be accurately controlled. In the end, it leads to wasted time, manpower, material resources, and embarrassing results that the experimental results cannot be guaranteed.

At the same time, the SPE-10A automatic solid phase extraction device adopts an 8-inch full touch screen control, which can edit and save the method, and can set up to ten extraction steps. The extraction speed and extraction volume can be independently set. In the extraction and rinsing process, a buzzer prompt is used for each step, which is convenient for reminding the user to proceed to the next step in time.

In addition, SPE-10A automatic solid phase extraction device adopts patented PTE connector, and is suitable for extraction cartridges with different volumes of 1, 3, 6, and 10ml, which is convenient for users to freely switch between different samples.


Features of SPE-10A Automatic Solid Phase Extraction Device

1. Adopt positive pressure stepper motor infusion technology to ensure stable flow rate, high precision and repeatability;

2. Semi-automatic operation requires manual switching of solvents for SPE column activation, sample loading, elution, cleaning, etc.;

3. With 6 (12) extraction channels, 6-12 samples can be extracted at the same time;

4. Supports the step-by-step elution function, which can realize multi-step elution;

5. Ten methods can be stored, which can be used immediately after recalling, and automatically set;

6. The operation of the instrument is all completed by the control panel, and the operator only needs to change the liquid according to the prompts, which greatly saves manpower;

7. Automatic cleaning function to avoid cross contamination

8. Extraction of liquid samples such as groundwater, surface water, waste water, fruit juice, etc. (even containing suspended solids);

9. The performance is the same as the fully automatic product, but the price advantage is obvious and the cost performance is higher;


SPE-10A Automatic Solid Phase Extraction Device Application Scope

1. Environment

Insecticides and herbicides, petroleum and grease, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, explosives, polychlorinated biphenyls, brominated flame retardants, dioxins, furans, phenylureas, semi-volatile organic pollutants, endocrine disruptors agent;

2. Food

Insecticides and herbicides, contaminants in packaged beverages, pesticide residues, natural products, dietary supplements, melamine, antibiotic residues, malachite green, crystal violet, sulfonamides, quinolones, plasticizers;

3. Pharmaceutical

Analysis of active ingredients in liquids, analysis of extractables in pharmaceutical packaging, vitamins and antibiotics;

4. Other fields

Tobacco analysis, flavor and fragrance analysis, cosmetic analysis, azo dye analysis, drug metabolism, narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, rat poison, life sciences;


Automatic solid phase extraction device
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