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JOSVOK "Testing Center" Listing Ceremony

Author:JOSVOK (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd Click: Time:2019-02-19 00:00:00

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is renewed. With the pace of spring, JOSVOK has finally opened a new chapter after several years of precipitation and accumulation. The "Testing Center" of China JOSVOK was officially established on February 18, 2019.

The establishment of the JOSVOK Testing Center indicates that our company has covered all aspects of laboratory instrument research and development, production, testing, experiments, etc., and the building of an overall laboratory has been achieved.

  Current laboratory equipment includes:

Liquid chromatograph (equipped with autosampler, fluorescence detector, evaporative light detector, differential detector, photochemical and post-column derivatization system);

Gas chromatograph (equipped with FID, ECD detector)

Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (with solid, liquid, gas and ATR accessories)

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Ion Chromatograph

Microwave Digestion Apparatus

Infrared oil gauge with automatic extractor

Infrared Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Gel Imager


blood cell analyzer


Automatic biochemical analyzer

Ultra low temperature refrigerator

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge

High Throughput Ball Mill

Laser particle size analyzer

UV-visible spectrophotometer

Automatic solid phase extraction device

Sulfur dioxide distillation unit

Integrated distillation unit

Ultrapure water machine

1/100,000 scale

Hundreds of instruments such as 1/10,000 balances and various pre-processing equipment.

 At present, it can provide users with sample crushing and grinding; routine physical and chemical analysis; qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic matter; water quality testing; Our company will be committed to providing customers with higher quality scientific services and continuously improving their technical level, thereby accelerating the pace of scientific research and enhancing value for customers.

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