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ZFO-1100 Infrared oil measuring instrument


Standards compliant:

       National Standard of the People's Republic of China "HJ637-2018 Water Quality-Determination of Petroleum and Animal and Vegetable Oils by Infrared Photometry"

Technical principle:

       According to the HJ637-2018 standard, use tetrachloroethylene to extract oily substances in water, and measure the total extract. After the extract is adsorbed by magnesium silicate to remove polar substances such as animal and vegetable oils, determine

oils. The contents of the total extract and petroleum are determined by the wavenumber of 2930cm-1 (stretching vibration of C-H bond in CH2 group) and 2960cm-1 (stretching vibration of C-H bond in CH3 group), respectively.

Calculate the absorbances A2930, A2960 and A3030 at the 3030cm-1 (stretching vibration of the C-H bond in the aromatic ring) band. The content of animal and vegetable oils is based on total extracts and petroleum content

difference calculation.

1. Controlled by Windows 7 and Windows10 operating systems;

2. It has the function of measuring instrument correction coefficient;

3. Using advanced USB port technology, it can also be connected by Bluetooth;

4. The real three-wave number, infrared three-wave number spectrum is clear, the scale is accurate, and the absorption spectrum and absorbance generated by the three wave numbers can be clearly displayed;

5. Automatically adjust the wavelength positioning of the methylene 2930cm-1 of the instrument to achieve accurate measurement of the instrument;

6. High-performance pyroelectric infrared detector is used to accurately collect the signal of pyroelectric current formed in the circuit when the halogen lamp is on and off;

7. The correlation coefficient is good, measuring 0.5-5 mgL, R>0.999.

ZFO-1100 Infrared oil measuring instrument
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