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ZSGT series high-throughput ball mill


ZSGT series high-throughput ball mill is a laboratory multi-functional mill specially developed for medium and small samples. It only takes dozens of seconds to use this series of equipment to achieve the purpose of mixing and homogenizing powder and suspension; in addition, this series of equipment is especially suitable for biological cell wall breaking and DNA/RNA extraction. Cryogenic grinding is possible.

The high-throughput ball mill can grind, mix and homogenize two samples at the same time; up to 192 samples can be processed simultaneously for cell wall breaking; due to the efficient operation of the product, the samples can be processed in a very short time without As for generating significant heating, most materials can be ground and mixed at room temperature without the need for low temperature processing. By pre-freezing samples and grinding jars, heat-sensitive and elastic materials can be successfully ground, thus further broadening the scope of application of this series of instruments.

The high-throughput ball mill is not only suitable for fine crushing and fine grinding of hard, medium-hard and brittle samples, but also for soft, elastic, fibrous materials, etc. Materials that can be crushed and ground include fibrous tissue, bone, hair, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, sugar-coated pills, mineral ores, alloys, glass, ceramics, soil, sludge, plant tissue, grain particles, oilseeds, plastics, waste, wool, textiles, etc.;

fulfill the standard:

NY/T398-2000 Technical Specification for Pollution Monitoring of Agricultural, Livestock and Aquatic Products

2015 edition of "Chinese Pharmacopoeia"

Application areas:

Agriculture, Biology and Biotechnology, Chemicals and Plastics, Forensics, Ceramics and Glass, Food, Medicine and Pharmacy, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Mining, Environmental Research, New Materials Research


u Figure 8 vibration, no dead angle for sample grinding

u Simple and safe operation design, exquisite and compact shape

u Sealed and dust-proof designed screw-cap grinding jar

u Automatic central positioning fastening device and safety locking device

u Separate design of control parts and vibration parts

u Program reserved interface, which can be upgraded to mobile APP remote control

u The program comes with three stages of startup, vibration and buffering

u Can be equipped with grinding jars and adapters of various materials

u Rear center of gravity anti-deviation design

u Pre-freeze grinding for heat-sensitive and elastic samples

The main technical parameters:

  Model ZSGT-215S

1 single tank maximum volume 150ml

2 The maximum sample volume of a single tank is 100ml

3 Grinding platform 2

4 Adapter 2*192 hole 0.5mL centrifuge tube; 2*96 hole 0.5mL centrifuge tube; 2*48 hole 1.5mL/2mL centrifuge tube; 2*24 hole 5mL centrifuge tube; 2*12 hole 10mL centrifuge tube; 2*6 Hole 50mL centrifuge tube;

5 Filling method Automatic centering fastening device

6 Tank material Stainless steel, nylon, PTFE, embedded agate, zirconia, tungsten carbide,

7 Applicable sample types Hard, medium hard, brittle, elastic, fibrous

8 Grinding method Dry grinding/wet grinding/freeze grinding, the materials after grinding are free from metal and other impurity contamination

9 Feed particle size ≤15mm (some can reach more than 20mm)

10 Discharge particle size ≤5μm (different materials have different grinding fineness)

11 Control mode The program comes with three stages of startup, vibration and buffering; the program reserves the interface, which can be upgraded to mobile APP remote control

12 Display mode LED liquid crystal display

13 Vibration frequency setting 10-1200 times/min

14 Typical crushing time 2-3min

15 crushing time setting 1 second - 99 minutes 59 seconds

16 Safety Overheating automatic protection

17 Drive DC brushless motor

18 Power 780W

19 Working environment Room temperature, ambient humidity 50-70%

20 Body size (width*height*depth) Vibration part 320*470*180mm Control part 400*550*290mm

21 Net weight 45Kg

22 Power AC 220V 50/60Hz

ZSGT series high-throughput ball mill
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