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ZSO2-1000A Single Sulfur Dioxide Detector


The instrument is mainly suitable for all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises, traditional Chinese medicine scientific research institutes, and food production enterprises related to sulfur fumigation, etc., for the determination of conventional sulfur dioxide residues.

        The series products of traditional Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide residue detector produced by JOSVOK (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd

The provisions of the first method are used to determine the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in medicinal materials or decoction pieces treated with sulfur fumigation.

        The main principle of the detection method provided in the Pharmacopoeia is to process the traditional Chinese medicinal materials by distillation method.

The airflow is brought into an absorption bottle containing hydrogen peroxide, and the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes it into sulfate ions, which are determined by acid-base titration to calculate the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in medicinal materials and decoction pieces.

        On the basis of strictly following the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, this product integrates functions such as heating, distillation, nitrogen blowing, timing and titration.

The accuracy and work efficiency of the detection data are greatly improved.

(1) The latest sealed infrared ceramic heating technology is used, which has the advantages of good heat collection, high heating efficiency, long service life, anti-acid and alkali corrosion, and anti-leakage.

(2) Heating countdown function, the heating time can be adjusted as needed, and the heating will be automatically stopped at the end of the experiment.

(3) The heating device independently controls the temperature, and the heating power is adjustable.

(4) The temperature of the stirring device is independently controlled, and the stirring rate is adjustable.

(5) Reserve water and nitrogen circulation expansion interfaces, which can realize the use of multiple instruments in series.

(6) Equipped with an independent precision nitrogen flow control system and reserved gas circuit expansion interface, which can realize the use of multiple instruments in series. It can also be equipped with a nitrogen generator.

ZSO2-1000A Single Sulfur Dioxide Detector
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