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ZSO2-3000A Triple Sulfur Dioxide Tester


The main principle of the detection method provided in the Pharmacopoeia is to process the traditional Chinese medicinal materials by distillation method.

The airflow is brought into an absorption bottle containing hydrogen peroxide, and the hydrogen peroxide oxidizes it into sulfate ions, which are determined by acid-base titration to calculate the residual amount of sulfur dioxide in medicinal materials and decoction pieces. This product

On the basis of strictly following the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia, the functions of heating, distillation, water circulation and nitrogen blowing are integrated, and the processing of 3-5 samples (blank samples, parallel samples) can be provided at the same time.

The accuracy of detection data is improved and the working time is reduced.

        Zhongshi Walker traditional Chinese medicine sulfur dioxide residue tester series products are in accordance with the provisions of the first method of the fourth general rule of the "Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China" 2331, which are used for the determination of sulfur fumigation

The residual amount of sulfur dioxide in the treated medicinal materials or decoction pieces.

        The instrument is mainly suitable for all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine production enterprises, traditional Chinese medicine scientific research institutes, and food production enterprises related to sulfur fumigation, etc., for the determination of conventional sulfur dioxide residues.

        Zhongshi Walker Traditional Chinese Medicine Sulfur Dioxide Residue Tester is mainly composed of heating module, distillation module, cooling circulating water module and nitrogen blowing module. The heating module is set to high, medium and low three

The heating rate control function can realize the precise control panel of heating efficiency; the distillation module adopts high borosilicate material, which has good heat resistance and durability; the cooling water circulation system can choose external cooling water

Circulator (built-in optional) to ensure cooling effect. The nitrogen blowing module can be connected to a nitrogen generator or nitrogen cylinder, and is equipped with a high-precision gas flowmeter to strictly control the nitrogen blowing rate.

(1) The sealed infrared ceramic heating jacket is selected, which has good heat collection and high heating efficiency, and can prevent equipment damage caused by liquid spillage.

(2) Full touch screen control, human-computer interaction interface, easy to operate.

(3) The heating device independently controls the temperature, and the heating power is adjustable.

(4) Heating countdown function, buzzer reminder, automatically stop heating.

(5) External cooling water circulation machine (built-in optional), no need for external tap water cooling

(6) Equipped with an independent precise nitrogen flow control system. And can be equipped with nitrogen generator.

ZSO2-3000A Triple Sulfur Dioxide Tester
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